Like all economies, Italy is undergoing a phase of significant structural transformation, characterized by a change from traditional business models towards digital ones. Italy’s competitiveness, growth and employment prospects will depend upon the expansion of new digital business models in areas such as e-commerce, online banking and, more generally, will depend on the successful digitalization of all public services. Poste Italiane believes that Italy offers significant growth opportunities in the digital sectors, as growth in these areas has been lower than the European average. As such, management believes that Poste, through its network, which includes c13,000 offices along with postmen and women serving 33 million customers in Italy, may play a central role in supporting Italy through its digitalization. As a result of its history, trust-based relationships and widespread presence throughout Italy, represents a point of reference for the general public, enterprises and the public administration. Poste intends to be a leading player in responding to demographic and technological trends currently in progress by developing its core business areas of mail and parcels, financial services and insurance services.

Poste aims to pursue growth and profitability targets by investing in the mail and parcels, financial services, insurance and asset management sectors, through:

 Transforming its mail products and services and pursuing growth in the parcels segment via four key areas of transformation:

  • adapting processes, products and services to leverage on the new legal framework and the redesign of the the Universal Postal Service, in order to make it sustainable and in line with changing customer needs;
  • simplifying products and services offered;
  • focusing on quality.


 Consolidating the profitability of its financial services:

  • leveraging on the loyalty of the retail customer base (affluent customers, Young people and New Italians(1) also with cross-selling initiatives;
  • developing products and services;
  • digital repositioning of BancoPosta.


 Pursuing growth in asset management and insurance services:

  • growing its asset management offering through the reinforcement and diversification of life insurance and fund products and services;
  • increasing support provided to BancoPosta through strengthening pre- and post-sales advisory for savings and insurance products;
  • developing its portfolio of products and services in the welfare area with the goal of integrating the public welfare model.



(1) immigrants who legally reside in Italy (2.2 million customers out of a total of 4.9 million new legal residents in Italy - Source: ISTAT data as of January 1, 2014