Security Room

Prevents and combats financial product-related computer fraud. Guarantees the physical safety of employees and customers on Group premises.

The figures:

  • over 15 billion Euros per year in financial transactions 
  • 60,000 security cameras 
  • 500,000 security sensors

The Security Room monitors the security of financial transactions and the physical safety of customers and employees on company premises. Through a Fraud Management activity, the SEC identifies and combats all fraud attempts that occur online or at Post Offices. Its methods include identifying fraudsters at Post Office counters, blocking suspicious operations (and placing perpetrators on an internal blacklist), monitoring risky new activations (cards and accounts), checking access to the Company’s website and monitoring home banking transactions.

Using an effective anti-phishing platform, it identifies Poste Italiane clone websites worldwide and takes immediate action to have the fraudulent websites closed down.

The Security Room also houses a physical security centre which uses a complex video surveillance system to constantly monitor Post Office branches, detect critical situations or attempted thefts or robberies and if necessary alert the police.