Real Estate Control Room

Carries out real time surveillance and organises maintenance work on the Group’s properties. 

The figures:

  • 16,000 managed properties 
  • 1.1 million scheduled maintenance operations per year
  • 1.1 million euro saved in 2013

La Real Estate Control Room monitors Post Offices (whether owned or rented), management offices, automated sorting centres and data centres. It plans and implements ordinary and emergency maintenance work, identifies malfunctions and assesses the level of service provided by the Facility Management maintenance staff.

This room has the following functions:

  • to maintain suitable environmental conditions for staff and customers at Post Offices and on all the Group’s premises;
  • to monitor systems and ambient conditions so as to save energy and optimise operating costs: the OCE (Energy Containment Optimisation) system has an alarm function that alerts the Real Estate Room to any system faults (e.g. preset temperature limits exceeded);
  • to reduce wastage and pollutant emissions for the benefit of the environment.