Technology Centre

The Technology Centre oversees all Poste Italiane’s business processes using an integrated service provision model.

It has four main tasks:

  • to check the services provided by Poste Italiane 24/7;
  • to safeguard the security of customers at Post Offices and of employees in all workplaces;
  • to fight computer crime;
  • to test the new services offered by the Company.


These activities are carried out in Control Rooms, which make up the hub of the Centre. Equipped with latest generation infrastructure, these Control Rooms perform real-time monitoring of the services provided by the Company, guaranteeing operational continuity and compliance with quality standards (Service Control Room). They control the logistics of mail and parcel processes (Logistic Control Room and Parcels Control Room), guarantee the physical safety of customers and employees on all company premises and combat financial product-related computer fraud (Security Room).

The Real Estate Control Room is responsible for managing the Group’s property assets, while the Business Control Room monitors the performance of the business services provided by Post Offices and call centres. The Demo Room performs working demonstrations of new services, and the Internet Lab tests the usability of Web services and mobile applications. Poste Italiane’s commitment to Cyber Security is demonstrated by the work of its CERT (Computer Emergency Response Team) and its Cyber Security Competence Centre.

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