Demo Room

Provides demonstration sessions and training activities for the technology services offered by the Company.

Sportello Amico (“Friendly Counter”) services (eGov services which Poste Italiane provides on a delegated basis to support the Public Administration in its relations with citizens).

  • registry certificates
  • land registry certificates
  • payment of healthcare charges
  • payment of local taxes
  • INPS (National Social Security Institute) pension certificates
  • certificates of habitual residence
  • issue of residence permits

Health Services

  • PostaCheckUp
  • PosteSalute

Documentation Systems

  • Digital Time and Date Certification
  • Electronic invoicing
  • Digital dossier

Mobile Payment

  • NFC-Payments
  • NFC-Trasports

The Demo Room provides demonstrations of the innovative services offered by Poste Italiane to its business customers.