The Cert

Oversees the security of Poste Italiane’s computer infrastructures and data.

The CERT (Computer Emergency Response Team) testifies to the level of excellence achieved by Poste Italiane in the field of computer security. Unique in Italy, its mission is to provide an integrated response to IT risk, computer crime and cyber incidents.

Its main activities are:

  • Security Information Sharing: collaboration and information exchange with CERTs from other countries, Italian law enforcement agencies and the institutions to combat suspected cyber attacks;
  • InfoSecRisk Management: surveying and protection of Poste Italiane’s information assets; mapping of new services and their supporting technologies; determining the security requirements needed to reduce the level of exposure to potential threats (internal or external);
  • Security Monitoring:verifies the reachability of Poste Italiane’s websites, identifies content linked to its information assets and analyses traffic to and from the Internet so as to detect cyber attacks, including those on cloud computing systems. The Mobile Application Security Monitoring unit controls all Poste Italiane’s official applications in order to detect and block any app clones that might compromise the security of mobile services.

The CERT also has a Cyber Lab responsible for analysing the propagation and action of computer viruses and malware and for developing countermeasures.