Business Control Room

Oversees customer services through real time monitoring of operations of Post Office branches, back offices and call centres.

The figures:

  • 13,000 Post Office branches
  • 7,000 Postamat ATM machines
  • 60,000 Post Office branch staff
  • 1,600 call centre operators

The Business Control Room’s function is to constantly monitor the services provided by Post Office branches, back offices and call centres so as to maintain the high quality of the services.

In particular, it monitors:

  • operation and management of the distribution network (counter operations; ATM operation and availability; traffic and average waiting times at Post Office branches);
  • sales performance (meeting consultancy room targets; new product launches);
  • telephone support provided by call centres to customers and Post Office branch staff.

Operations monitoring allows for improved workload distribution, ensuring shorter customer waiting times, continuous call centre support and constant availability of consultancy room staff.