The following are the financed scientific, industrial and social research projects being conducted at the Research Centre and their current state of progress.

The aim of this project was to adapt content and services provided online [...]

The sale of products and services via Web is an attractive area of business [...]

Over the years Poste Italiane has established a role as a mediator between citizens and institutions [...]

Building on its experience as an intermediary between the Public Administration, citizens and service providers, Poste Italiane has chosen to invest [...]

The aim of this project is to update the processes for promoting and using cultural heritage [...]

In order to adapt to external changes and remain competitive on the market, organisations must [...]

The aim of this project is to make a concrete contribution to supply-chain development with [...]

The aim of the CROSS project is to support volunteer activities by creating a digital platform [...]

This project aims to support the diffusion of an innovative model in the field of electronic payments and in [...]

Horizon 2020 is a new European Community Integrated Programme devoted to [...]