Research & Development

Poste Italiane has always recognised the importance of research as a driver of innovation and for improving services and customer relations.

The mission of the Poste Italiane Research Centre is to introduce new methods and tools to support the Company’s activities and business. For this purpose, it conducts research projects in collaboration with universities, research centres and local institutions, experimenting with and implementing the new solutions.

The Centre is divided into two areas:
  • the Project Financing Area, which deals with project financing for scientific and industrial research programmes focused on ICT, including socially-oriented projects. The projects are chosen in keeping with Poste Italiane’s corporate strategies following a thorough analysis of the financing proposals available at an italian and international level;
  • the Prototype Projects Area , which develops experimental prototypes for innovative products and services. This is followed by a pre-industrialisation stage in which checks are performed to verify the feasibility of integrating the prototypes into the Company’s systems.

The main activities are:

  • searching for new financing opportunities in innovative fields for Poste Italiane’s business;
  • design and development of innovative solutions based on the new financing opportunities;
  • application of scientific research results to new prototype projects;
  • collaboration with internal structures to launch the developed projects.