The Chairman is responsible for directing and overseeing the functioning of the Board of Directors. In addition to the powers provided by law and under the by-laws, the resolution passed by the shareholders' meeting held on May 2, 2014, and the subsequent Board of Directors resolution on May 7, 2014, the Chairman has the following delegated powers, on a non-exclusive basis:

Internal Auditing:

  • supervision of the activities of the Internal Auditing department, acting as a liaison for and reporting to the Board of Directors; and
  • supervision of the Company's guidelines on the Internal Auditing department, together with the Chief Executive Officer.

Institutional Relations:

  • together with the Chief Executive Officer, maintaining institutional relations with the Parliament, the Government, the Ministries, institutional bodies and the other authorities, in connection with matters outside the scope of ordinary business operations of the Company and the Group.

The powers to oversee the privatization of the Company, including processes relating to Internal Auditing, have been entrusted exclusively to the Chief Executive Officer.