Consumer Associations

Poste Italiane has been actively involved in consumer relations since 1999 and has established partnerships with numerous Consumer Associations affiliated to Italy’s National Council of Consumers and Users (CNCU).

Poste Italiane is also a founding member of the Consumers’ Forum, an independent association made up of leading consumer associations, industrial and service companies and their respective trade associations, institutions, universities and research centres. The purpose of the Consumers’ Forum is to facilitate dialogue between consumer associations and companies so as to improve conciliation mechanisms and promote higher quality standards of products and services.



Poste Italiane has worked in close cooperation with consumer associations to develop initiatives for protecting consumers:

Postal Product Quality Charter: this document provides all the information consumers need to make the best possible use of universal postal service products in accordance with Italian Legislative Decree no. 261/99 and sets out the company’s quality targets. Information on other postal products can be found in the general contractual conditions for each specific product.

Conciliation Procedure: extra-judicial resolution of disputes arising between the Company and its customers in relation to the services provided. This procedure was introduced for postal products in 2001, for BancoPosta accounts in 2006 and for the traditional mobile communication services provided by PosteMobile in 2010.

Framework Agreement: an agreement signed on 16 December 2011 between Poste Italiane and the consumer associations for the purpose of constantly improving the quality of products and services and for ensuring a constructive and transparent dialogue between the Company and its customers. A working and advisory group called “Cantiere Consumatori” was set up specifically to help achieve these goals. Consisting of one spokesperson from each consumer association alongside representatives of Poste Italiane, it searches for the best solutions to the needs of all parties in the event of new company initiatives likely to have a major impact on customers.